With pubtex you can create live text streams,
share them to anyone and embed in any page.

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The story

Pubtex was born from the frustration that we, the authors, had while consuming live text press articles on the web. The so called LIVE TEXT, although valuable due to the fresh information, was most of the time delivered as a static web page, requiring frequent page refresh in order to check for updates. So we thought about it a lot, and tried to find ways to improve both the experience for the consumer and to increase user engagement for the publisher.

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How pubtex works?

Pubtex allows anyone to author live texts. In order to create a live text you need to have an account (btw, the basic is free!), then you choose a title, and start adding updates. Pubtex creates an unique address for each live text, so you can share it and also embed it in your web pages.

Check this mini tutorial on how to create and embed a live text:

  • Fresh vs. Refresh
  • Scalable cloud based solution
  • Easily embed in other pages

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